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Philips Saeco HD893047 imageThis commercial espresso machine review site is designed to provide you with an in-depth look at some of the top selling models on the market. Here you can learn about what consumers had to say regarding a model’s pricing, performance and ease of use.

Before you purchase a commercial espresso machine you should also learn more about the different features they offer and what you really need in order to make the perfect cup of espresso. Making espresso is pretty difficult. It’s considered one of the hardest brewing methods, so you’ll need a machine that knows what it’s doing, and one that makes espresso creation easier on you.  A professional barista will tell you that besides using fresh beans, and having some experience working with these machines, the key to making a great tasting cup of espresso is the grinder. You’ll need a high powered, precise grinder in order to get the right type of consistency for your beans. Some experts recommend spending as much on a grinder as you do on the espresso machine. Machines that include their own built-in grinders are going to cost you more, but it can end up saving you money in the long run. Research the strength and quality of a commercial espresso machine before you buy.

When you’re trying to determine your budget for purchasing a commercial espresso machine, you’ll want to consider how long you want your machine to last. If you’re looking for a machine that can last you at least ten years you should allow for a larger budget. Typically, machines that cost more than $600 are built to last for years. While it can be tempting to buy the cheapest model on the market, in order to make great espresso you’re going to need to make a small investment. Making your own brew can also save you hundreds of dollars a year.

There are four main categories of commercial espresso machines: semiautomatic, manual, automatic and super-automatic. The manual models are hand operated and they’re still commonly used in Europe. Semi-automatic models will require the user to stop the length of a pour manually. This is done by an electric pump. The automatic style means that the length of a pour will be controlled by the machine. Super-automatic machines will do it all, including packing the coffee, grinding the beans and ejecting the used grounds and brewing the coffee.

Title Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine Philips Saeco HD8930/47 Royal One Touch Cappuccino Automatic Espresso Machine De’Longhi EC860 Espresso Maker, 1, Stainless Steel
Feature 15 Bar Italian Pump and 1600W Thermo coil heating system
Purge Function: Automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature
Stainless steel conical burr grinder with 1/2 lb. sealed bean hopper
67 fl.oz (2L) removable water tank with handle
Newer model of the Breville BES860XL Barista Express
Double boiler helps keep beverages hotter with no downtime in between frothing milk and dispensing espresso
Adjustable coffee temperature, size and strength
Ceramic grinders help preserve your coffee’s aroma
Make cappuccinos and lattes at the t ouch of a button with the dishwasher-safe cappuccinatore
Large capacities (74-ounce water tank and 12-ounce bean hopper) make it ideal for home or small office
Patented Automatic Cappuccino
Professional Filter Holder
Always have a warm cup ready with the cup warming tray
Traditional milk frother for hot water and steam
Energy saving function
Model BES870XL HD8930/47 EC860
Price $599.90 $1471.53 $399.99
Height 15.75 inch 19.7 inch 12 inch
Weight 23 pound 39.2 pound 15.43 pound
Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars 0 out of 5 stars 3.6 out of 5 stars
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 Philips Saeco Royal One Touch Espresso Machine Review

Philips Saeco HD893047 imageThe Phillips Saeco espresso machine is our top rated model. Equipped with double boilers, a large water reservoir and a professional brew head, your coffee making options feel truly limitless. Fast and powerful, the Saeco one touch features 1400 watts of power. This machine weighs in at just over forty pounds and consists of a sleek stainless steel design. If you’re new to making your own espresso, this particular model is considered more user friendly than what you can normally expect from commercial espresso machines. While easy to use, it’s still powerful enough to be appreciated by the pros. Customize your coffee by selecting the strength and the amount. You can also choose to make your coffee even stronger by adjusting the settings on the machine’s grinder. The frother is able to automatically draw milk from a jug or carton and dispense it into your cup. Cleaning and maintenance is also simple with the Saeco Royal once touch. Many of the machine’s components are dishwasher safe, which means that cleanup can be as simple as rinsing out the drip tray after each use and cleaning the parts in the dishwasher every few days.

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 The Breville Barista Express Review

Breville The Barista Express pictureThis Breville  semiautomatic espresso machine features a 1600 watt thermocoil heating system and a number of brewing options that allow you to truly customize your brewing experience. You can choose to use fresh beans or ground coffee because the grinder operates separately. Also included are two single walled filters and two dual walled filters. The machine’s volumetric control setting will let you choose how much coffee you want to brew and the milk frother gives you the ability to select your milk texturing for different types of coffee based drinks. You can also use this machine to make tea or flavored milk steamer drinks. Most machines this size can take a few minutes to warm up, but this Breville takes under a minute. This means shorter wait times between milk steaming and pouring shots. This model rated well with consumers due its power, short brewing time, ease of use and low maintenance.

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 Rancilio HSD Silvia Espresso Machine Review

Rancilio HSD-SILVIA imageThe Silvia by Rancilio is a semiautomatic single boiler espresso machine that’s designed for the pro but easy enough for amateurs to use. The large brass plated boiler is designed to provide more powerful steaming capabilities and faster recovery time between shots. This machine, while durably built, can require dedication when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Some consumers had complaints regarding the inadequate spill tray, due to its size.  Because of this it will need to be emptied frequently and dried, in order to prevent rust from occurring. Consumers also had issues with the built-in grinder’s performance, so it may be a good idea to invest in a higher quality grinder.

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